Digitally created images that present future potentials for cultured meat inc. advertising, manufacture, home harvesting and still life studies. 

Still life?
a series of images and videos that collide the tradition of dutch still life painting with the technologies inherent in cultured meat. 


meditations on the process of creating life; the separation and overlap of spirit and tissue, body and soul.

Future fossils
if cultured meat technology enables formation of complex joints of meat, what will they look like?  - familiar and reassuring, highly efficient, or guided by aesthetics?  These museum display cases contain speculative joints of meat, dried, fossilised and preserved for posterity. 

at the carnery
a ‘carnery’ is a sepculative term for the yet-to-exist facility where cultured meat is formed, scaffolded and grown.
These are examples of imagined apparatus from such a facility.

at the carnery... #2

Ghost series
The word tissue comes from the french tisser - meaning to weave. This a further small series imagining ghostly bio-scaffolds draped with their meat tissue. 

Shell Series
Extinct carnviorous molluscs reimagined as a vehicle for cellular agriculture. The inert chitin exoskeleton is re-seeded with live meat tissue to form these hybrid forms.

Protomoulds, 2019

PU rubber, Steel and Aluminium  
Prototype moulds for the manufacture of cultured or CleanMeat. Moving away from mimicking already processed foodstuffs duch as burgers, sausages and nuggets, these moulds provide the structure in which to grow chops, steak and other joints of meat.
top two image credit: Hynes Photography and MIMA
Last Ditch Attempt is a mobile seed-library made in collaboration with artist Lucien Anderson.
As a playful response to the recent flooding of the Svalbard Global seed vault, it suggested an alternative seed-storage solution. Based on egalitarian networks rather than strongholds and silos, we created a mobile seed-library that travelled around dispersing seed capsules to members of the public and enthusiasts alike.

photo credits: Lorna Bryan (top image) Janina Sabaliauskaite (rest  of images)

The CleanMeat Revolution is an imagined retrospective of 21st Century in-vitro meat production. 

Combining artefacts from the CleanMeat industry, items of social history, and a corrupted video lecture, this exhibition charted the rise and fall of lab-grown meat in the 21st Century.  Curators notes provided social, cultural and economic context for the twists and turns of this fascinating time.

This exhibition was supported by Arts Council England, Watershed and wethecurious

image credits: Shamphat photography
Bread and Circuses is an ongoing series of sculptures that sit somewhere between memento mori, experiment apparatus and diorama.

Taking their name from the apparent Roman strategy of pacifying newly conquered territories with free bread and entertainment, these works draw imagery from food, decay, balance, technology and ephermerality.