Digitally created images that present future potentials for cultured meat inc. advertising, manufacture, home harvesting and still life studies. 

Still life?
a series of images and videos that collide the tradition of dutch still life painting with the technologies inherent in cultured meat. 


meditations on the process of creating life; the separation and overlap of spirit and tissue, body and soul.

Future fossils
if cultured meat technology enables formation of complex joints of meat, what will they look like?  - familiar and reassuring, highly efficient, or guided by aesthetics?  These museum display cases contain speculative joints of meat, dried, fossilised and preserved for posterity. 

at the carnery
a ‘carnery’ is a sepculative term for the yet-to-exist facility where cultured meat is formed, scaffolded and grown.
These are examples of imagined apparatus from such a facility.

at the carnery... #2

Ghost series
The word tissue comes from the french tisser - meaning to weave. This a further small series imagining ghostly bio-scaffolds draped with their meat tissue. 

Shell Series
Extinct carnviorous molluscs reimagined as a vehicle for cellular agriculture. The inert chitin exoskeleton is re-seeded with live meat tissue to form these hybrid forms.