Artist exploring digital and physical simulation, with a focus on 3D scanning and cultured-meat technologies.

I make sculptures, digital renders and short videos that focus on technology, simulation and food.
I am interested in the desire to reproduce physical experience, whether that be through photogrammetry and 3D scanning, or ‘artificial’ life and cellular agriculture.

In recent years, my work has centred of the technology of cultured-meat; using it as a lens to examine the relationship between simulation, nature, consumption and hope.

Cultured-meat represents an awkward tension between utopian dream and tech-enabled greed.
On the one hand offering the vision of a ‘greener’ future by reducing the impact of animal agriculture, and - yet - also promises unbridled consumption, no longer limited by natural resource capacity.   

When archaeologists examine artefacts, two of the most illuminating subjects they can uncover are the food a society ate, and the technology they used. Food and technology is embedded in ritual, economy, survival and culture - so much information can be extrapolated from a few choice items.

In that sense, I consider my work to act as artefacts; fragments from potential futures that may point to the kind of society we are becoming

Still life with Cellular Transfusion, 2021

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For more information about my work with cultured meat, please see this interview, published by Young Artists in Conversation in 2017.