self-sufficient ‘til i die is a digital sculpture made for ‘Dreamworks 2’ - an exhibition curated by Picallili/IKO showcasing works that are deemed impossible to produce.

Self sufficient... is an imagined form of self-harvesting to create foodstuffs for human
consumption. Utilising cellular agriculture technology, this apparatus allows a user to take a
small biopsy from their own body, reproduce and nurture those cells, and grow a chunk of meat that is – at a cellular level – oneself.
Technically this is auto-cannibalism, but performed in such a manner causes no bodily harm and
arguably the ultimate in self-sufficiency.

Through my practice, I envisage and create these processes, scaled, commodified and in a future context, in doing so I explore some of the ethical challenges and societal implications of this embryonic industry.

Images from installation (top)
R&D image plate (above)