NFT Projects: Information on Primary and Secondary Sales, click on images or titles for links to animated works:

Artwork Available:

a glass darkly, 2023

Mirror mirror, 2023

Apparatus to keep hopes afloat, offers welcome


Artworks on Superrare:

Companion (Sold for 2.5Ξ )
Cellular Transfusion (sold for 2Ξ )
Grotto (sold for 3 Ξ)

Venarum actuator (sold for 2.5Ξ)

Clandestine (sold for 2.5Ξ)
The Fatling (sold for 2Ξ)

Vessel (sold for 3Ξ)

Artworks on Foundation:

Overgrowth (sold for 0.65 Ξ)
Reparation (sold for 0.75 Ξ)
Assembly (sold for 0.65 Ξ)

After the sausage fest... (sold for 1.3 Ξ)
Still life with meat helix and figs (sold for 1Ξ)

Still life with cultured lamb chops (sold for 0.61 Ξ)

Artworks on Manifold:

Proof of Steak (open edition to celebrate the Ethereum Merge. 71 editions sold at 0.033 Ξ)

Cloudburst #1, #6, #12. 
12 pieces sold for total of 4.3 Ξ - see cloudburst for more information about project, or here for original page

Artwork on NiftyGateway

Demo/n 15 editions sold at $300, $3150 secondary volume